A Simple and Easy Guide to Shipping Container Maintenance

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In a way, a shipping container is like your car or another valuable asset. If you take good care of it and regularly maintain it, it will last longer and save you from buying a replacement container early. Although they are made with strong and durable materials, they need you to look after them in order to maximise their lifespan.

If you don’t know how to maintain and look after your shipping container, there is no need to fret as this guide will give all the information you need to take care of your container. To some people, it is more than just a container, but a home.

Choosing your shipping container

If you go to any places where there are shipping containers for sale, you will notice that they are neatly arranged and well kept. In one row, you may find a stack of 20ft shipping containers and a stack of 40ft shipping containers in another. The idea is not only to arrange them in an orderly manner but to keep them well maintained so that they last longer.

Whenever you choose a container to buy, keep in mind that it may not have been recently produced. This means that it was well maintained, for it to retain its new and shiny exterior. If you buy a new or used container, remember that maintenance is crucial as it is the only way that will guarantee you its longevity.

Maintenance tips

The tips listed below will help you keep your shipping container in mint condition:

Check the roof

The roof is the most exposed part of your container. It is subjected to rain, sunlight and other objects collecting on it. If you are buying a 2nd hand container, you need to realise it may have had other containers stacked on top of it.

Check for dents that may result in rainwater collecting and corroding the exterior of the shipping container.

Look out for modification areas

Shipping containers are designed to weather any weather conditions. However, modifying them will result in holes that can collect rainwater and sediments. Take the time to inspect your container for any modifications.

Level surface

You shipping container should sit on a level surface with good drainage. Make sure that no water can collect underneath your container. This is a good way to prevent corrosion.

Keep tabs on your doors

Shipping containers are very simple objects. They only have doors and few other moving parts. These moving parts need to be lubricated regularly so that no wear and tear can occur easily.

Take good care of it

Keep in mind that if you don’t take good care of your shipping container, no one will. Play your part in keeping it in mint condition and you will use it for many years to come. The more you maintain it, the easier it becomes. A shipping container’s aging is unique to itself. A shipping container in Brisbane exposed mainly to the Brisbane sun will last longer than one constantly caught in the heat and rain of South East Asia.

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