Types of Containers

Here at Joy Containers, we have many types of shipping containers for sale. No matter what you are looking at using a shipping container for, we have a suitable container for you. Read on to find out more.

Standard Shipping Containers

Standard shipping containers are the benchmark for containers. Rectangular in shape, they are versatile to fulfil just about any purpose.

High Cube Containers

High cube containers have the exact same dimensions as standard shipping containers, only they are exactly 1 foot taller in height. If you are looking to store tall objects in your container, this will be a fantastic option.

Open Top Containers

Open top containers, as their name suggests, don’t have fixed roofs. Instead, they have removable tarpaulin roofs attached to removable bows. Its cargo can be loaded from above, and it is typically used to transport oversized objects.

Reefer Containers

Refrigerated containers, or reefer containers, are used to transport perishable cargo. These containers are affixed with refrigeration and are insulated to keep the temperature inside constant. Installing air conditioning units into reefer containers makes for a fantastic, controlled environment to chill out in.