Different Sizes of Shipping Containers You Can Buy

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Shipping containers come in different sizes. There are people who prefer bigger containers due to the nature of their business. Others use smaller containers because of the quantity of the goods they want to store. Others just buy any size available because their needs vary from time to time.

You should know what you need the container for before making a move. This will help you to plan accordingly and buy the right size the first time. The last thing you want is to buy a smaller container only to realise it’s the wrong size when it arrives at your home. You will incur a lot of unnecessary costs as you will have to take the container back or buy a new one. Either way, you are going to lose money unnecessarily.

This article takes you through some of the most common shipping container sizes you can get.

20ft shipping container

The 20ft shipping container measures 6 meters in length. The container is much cheaper than 40ft shipping containers due to the smaller size. It is preferred due to its ease of transportation. Its only drawback is its small size. This will ultimately limit what you can use the container for.

This type of container is good for people who have a few things to store or need to limited floor space. If they decide to upgrade in the future, they can just buy another one.

Some people who buy shipping containers use them for office purposes. They may not need a huge space and this container size is the best way to go. The 20ft shipping container can also be used as a mobile clinic or veterinary clinic. This container is easy to transport extremely functional.

40ft shipping container

The 40ft shipping container measures 12 meters in length. It is a very long container that offers a lot of floor space and flexibility. It is normally bought by people or business that have a lot of things to store. The container makes it easy for them to store all their goods in one place.

This container is also highly customisable due to its large size. It can be cut sideways and turned into a modern office. The container can also be divided into different compartments, each used for its own purpose.

The 40ft shipping containers are not mainly used as mobile offices or clinics due to their cost and difficulty in transportation.

Are the sizes standard in all containers

The shipping containers are not manufactured by one company. This creates the possibility of having containers, not of the same size. Although a standard size has been set in the industry, each manufacturer may produce a shipping container slightly different from others. However, the differences are so minor that they are almost negligible.

Shipping container for sale

Most places with shipping containers for sale will have both 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers. The stock for each container size will depend on the demand. The demand depends on the area and what people what normally use the containers for. Some people buy containers so that they can repurpose them.

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