40ft Shipping Containers Australia

40ft Shipping Container

A 40ft shipping container will probably be the most useful box you ever buy. Apart from their basic logistical use, they will give you ample room to play around with when not transporting cargo across oceans. A 40ft shipping container provides you enough space to use as a storage unit or even to build your new home around in Australia!

To reap the most benefits from your 40ft container, you must purchase one which suits your needs or ideas you have in mind. Here at Joy Containers, we have every type of 40ft shipping containers for sale. This will also serve as a rudimentary guide for you to understand the different types of containers out there, and the factors you should consider when buying one for yourself.

Price – When we are considering on buying something, the price will always at the forefront of our minds. We use it as an indicator of the product’s quality and we try our best to secure the best deal. While the adage “if it’s too good to be true it probably is” does its weight, you can find deals giving you the most bang for you buck with us. Shipping containers retired after their maiden voyage will be cheaper than those straight from the factory and offer great value. Joy Containers offers 40ft shipping containers for all budgets.

Type – The type of shipping container you need will also play a huge role when determining what to buy. You can choose from a wide range of container types to suit your needs. Shipping containers can differ in terms of the material they are made off. Steel is the most popular choice for many, however, aluminium containers are worth considering as they are more resistant to damage from environmental conditions.

Insulation and refrigeration is another important factor to consider when buying a shipping container. Known as reefers, refrigerated shipping containers, can be thought of as 40ft fridges that keeps its items at sub-zero temperatures. Non-working reefers retain their capability to insulate their interior, but the refrigeration system is no long functional. Using this knowledge, air conditioning can be installed into insulated shipping containers to be used as an air-conditioned house.

A shipping container’s exterior coating should also affect your choice. Weather-resistant coating prevents rapid degradation of the container in rain or shine, protecting whatever is inside and the container itself.

Fireproofing your shipping containers should rank high on your priority list if the container will host open flames. You must be fully aware of the risk fires pose to unprotected shipping containers. It is possible to do the fire proofing yourself; fire-retardant insulation can be installed in its interior while its exterior surface is coated with a fire-retardant paint.

Duration of Use – Before making a decision, you must know the duration for which the shipping container will be used. This factor will help you choose between renting or purchasing the container.

These are the prime factors to consider when choosing your 40ft shipping container in Australia. Needless to say, your choice of supplier should also affect your decision. You must choose a supplier that offers you the best value deals and delivery service.

We at Joy Containers are always more than happy to clarify any doubts you have or to simply chat about shipping containers.