20ft Shipping Containers Australia

20ft Shipping Container

When you consider buying shipping containers, it is hard to look past 20ft shipping containers. Their versatility and structural integrity makes them suitable all uses. We will give you a closer look at these logistical mainstays.

The most commonly used shipping container in Australia is the 20ft shipping container. It provides the baseline measure for shipping containers, as the twenty-foot-equivalent unit (TEU). This measurement unit extends further; a 40ft shipping container is known as 2 TEUs.

As you may have guessed, a 20ft shipping container is 20ft long. Its exact dimensions are: 20ft length by 8ft breadth by 8.5ft height.

The standard 20ft shipping container should be your starting point when buying shipping containers. Often, they are used as the base for modifications into specialised versions of shipping containers. Individual container types have different characteristics for them to fulfill specific functions.

There are several basic modifications for TEUs. There include flat rack and open top containers. Open top containers don’t have permanent roofs, instead, they use removable weatherproof tarpaulin to protect their cargo. Flat rack containers don’t have walls along their length.

Tunnel containers, also known as double door containers, come with doors on both ends. Side opening containers are containers which can be opened completely from its sides.

To top that off, shipping containers used to transport perishable items will be insulated, to protect their cargo. This allows items within insulated, or refrigerated, containers to reach their destination in good condition.

What does this mean for you? If you are buying shipping containers for non-commercial and personal use in Australia, you have a wide variety of containers to choose from. Different modifications of the basic 20ft shipping container can be used to serve unique needs. It is a favourite amongst buyers for good reason.

Its large volume makes it eligible for conversion into a guest or hotel rooms with en-suite bathrooms. Insulated or refrigerated shipping containers will allow you to control the climate within this residential unit. Its various modifications will allow it to serve different aesthetic and functional purposes within your home or your workplace. If you want an outdoor garage cum storage unit in your backyard, a shipping container will be ideal for that purpose.

20ft shipping containers are frequently repurposed into portable offices or living spaces. In many cases, they are used to house employees working at nearby construction sites or factories. This is practised due to the lower costs of purchasing a shipping container than building separate accommodation for employees.

Shipping containers will last a long time. As the containers must endure harsh weather conditions, the material it’s made of is extremely durable. Typically, it is made of Corten steel or muffler grade stainless steel and the exterior is waterproofed.

The average shipping lifespan of a shipping container is an estimated 10 years. However, it can stretch up to 20-25 years if well maintained. Divorced from the severe conditions experienced when travelling across oceans, shipping containers can last a whole lot longer when simply serving its function in your house.

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