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Mention shipping containers and mental images of gigantic metal boxes stacked in shipyards will surely appear in your mind. These mental images may even include unscrupulous deals involving guns and hostages as seen in several movies. Apart from their native use in logistical operations, shipping containers can also fulfil a multitude of uses.

Shipping containers have found residency in marketing campaigns and events management, even the aforementioned movie sets! For personal use, they can provide extra storage space at home or even be a home.

An increasing frequency of trendy, environmentally friendly homes being built has brought shipping containers closer to mainstream housing options. Shipping containers were made to withstand conditions out at sea, and it should come as no surprise that they are extremely sturdy and structurally sound. More and more home owners, architects and designers buy and use shipping containers as centrepieces for their projects.

If you are considering using a shipping container, be it for your personal or commercial needs, check us out. We at Joy Containers have all sorts of shipping containers up for sale at different price points, to meet any request from our customers. Naturally, we will provide you with its exact dimensions, manufacturing certificate and technical plans.


Shipping Container Prices

Quick and Fuss-Free Delivery Across the Country

Delivering a shipping container across land may sound absurd. Located in New South Wales, and with our capable and experienced logistical network, receiving your ordered shipping container becomes astoundingly simple. Our delivery system makes transporting these containers a piece of cake. Regardless if it’s a quick jaunt from Brisbane to Gold Coast, or an interstate voyage from New South Wales to South Australia, we have it covered. Your shipping container will come to you, or your preferred destination, without any faffing around, unnecessary drama or jaw-dropping additional prices.

If you are unsure about anything, even the smallest detail, about shipping containers, we are always willing and ready to lend a hand with our expert advice and knowledge.

A Huge Range of Products to Suit All Budgets

Our inventory of sea-worthy containers is chock-a-block with containers up for sale, suitable for all stylistic preferences and budgets.

Our containers are organised by their sizes and accumulated mileage.

You might be working with a client demanding only the highest quality shipping containers, with a premium façade and appearance. In this scenario, you should choose, and we will suggest you buy a brand-new shipping container to ensure your client’s demands are met. The price will reflect its quality, but it would help you avoid any complications and disagreements with your client.

Categories of containers reflect their different degrees of previous usage. We have new and used shipping containers up for sale.